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Fab­ric mea­sur­ing at least dou­ble the length of your dog Tape mea­sure Fab­ric scis­sors Pins Sew­ing ma­chine Fill­ing of your choice – eg. foam or polyester fi­bre fill­ing Nee­dle & thread


Work out the size of your pil­low by al­lo­cat­ing enough space so your dog can com­fort­ably lie down and stretch out on top of it. Mea­sure and cut out two cir­cles of fab­ric this size us­ing fab­ric scis­sors, in­clud­ing a 3cm seam al­lowance around the sides. Place the two cir­cles to­gether, right sides fac­ing each other, and pin to­gether.


Us­ing a sew­ing ma­chine, stitch the two cir­cles to­gether, work­ing to the 3cm seam al­lowance, and leave a 5cm gap so you can in­sert your stuff­ing later on. Turn the pil­low the right way out and care­fully fill with your choice of fill­ing, mak­ing sure it’s nice and plump. Hand-stitch the 5cm gap closed us­ing a nee­dle and thread.

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