Granny knows best 4 uses For salt

It’s not just for sprin­kling on chips!

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clean your iron

Clean build-up off the face of your iron by scat­ter­ing salt onto a piece of parch­ment pa­per and run­ning the hot iron over it un­til any dirty marks are re­leased. Let the iron fully cool down, then wipe with a damp cloth.

clear Flower residue From vases

If flow­ers have left a buildup of grime on the inside of your glass vases, wash the of­fend­ing ar­eas with a strong solution of salt and water to re­move any dirty marks.

re­move tea and cof­fee stains

Scrub inside tea- or cof­fee-stained mugs with salt and a damp cloth to re­move dis­coloura­tion.

Beat wa­ter­marks on wood

Mix 1 tsp salt with a few drops of water to form a paste and work over the spot un­til it’s gone.

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