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Pen­cil & ruler Wooden squash or bad­minton rac­quet 2 x small screw eyes, £1.99 for six, home­base Bradawl length of string or leather 4 x round cup hooks, £1.06 for four, home­base

1Use a pen­cil and ruler to mark two points along the top edge of the rac­quet han­dle for the screw eyes to be fixed. Use a bradawl to make pi­lot holes then twist the screw eyes into place se­curely. Tie a length of string or leather be­tween the two to make a hanger.

2On the un­der­side of the han­dle, mea­sure out and mark four equal points for the hooks to be po­si­tioned. Make holes us­ing a bradawl and screw the hooks into place, mak­ing sure the open part of the hook faces out­wards. Hang the rac­quet from the wall to dis­play.

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