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Q Is a log­burner easy to in­stall and could I do it my­self?

It is pos­si­ble, but you’ll have to be con­fi­dent and read up on ex­actly what you need to do, as a chim­ney has to be pre­pared and a flue po­si­tioned in the right place. There are loads of videos and tips on­line, but if you’d rather use a pro­fes­sional, ask when buy­ing the burner if there are in­stal­la­tion op­tions avail­able. Most com­pa­nies will pro­vide this for an ex­tra cost. You can opt to have a Hetas-reg­is­tered in­staller to come and sur­vey the room and ad­vise on the burner and flue positioning. They can then do the ac­tual in­stal­la­tion, leav­ing you ready to en­joy your new, cosy room.

Q be­fore buy­ing a log­burner, what things do I need to consider?

Firstly the cost, which can range from £500 to £2,000; it’s quite an in­vest­ment, but luck­ily one that will last. You will also need to consider whether you want to just heat one room or the whole house – you can look into the op­tion of at­tach­ing it to

the cen­tral-heat­ing sys­tem. Check­ing if you live in a smoke-con­trolled area is also im­por­tant, as you might need to buy a De­fra (Depart­ment for En­vi­ron­ment, Food and Ru­ral Af­fairs) ap­proved log­burner. If this turns out to be too ex­pen­sive, then consider burn­ing smoke­less fu­els.

Q What types of stoves are avail­able?

As well as the ba­sic mod­els, there are mul­ti­fuel stoves, which look sim­i­lar, but burn smoke­less fuel, coal and pel­lets, as well as wood. There is a range of sizes and, in some cases, colours, al­though black or cream are the most pop­u­lar. Be aware that all burn­ers need to meet UK build­ing reg­u­la­tions, such as how the flue is fit­ted.

Q Is there one to match a pe­riod home?

Yes, com­pa­nies such as Sto­vax of­fer tra­di­tional styles that will look right at home, plus they will heat a room more ef­fi­ciently than a tra­di­tional, open fire. How­ever, make sure that you’re al­lowed to in­stall one, es­pe­cially if it’s a listed build­ing.

Q Which fea­tures should I look for?

Firstly, check the heat out­put isn’t too much for your room, or you’ll end up with all the windows open when it’s in use! Look out for con­trol­lable vents or fans, which let you easily reg­u­late the flow of air, and thus the tem­per­a­ture. Some stoves can swivel, mean­ing you can di­rect the heat to where you need it in the room. Also consider in­vest­ing in a rid­dling plate, as this al­lows easy clean­ing of ash.

Q How en­ergy ef­fi­cient are they?

Typ­i­cally about three quar­ters of the heat will go into the room, which is much bet­ter than an open fire. You will also find that the gen­er­a­tion of warmth from the burner will re­duce your over­all heat­ing bills.

Q Are wood­burn­ers easy to main­tain?

They will need reg­u­lar clean­ing, plus a yearly ser­vice is ad­vised. If you have it linked to a chim­ney, en­sure that the chim­ney is swept at the be­gin­ning and end of win­ter to avoid a build-up of tar and soot, which could dam­age the burner when not in use.

Q How should I clean it and do I need spe­cial prod­ucts?

A reg­u­lar clean of the stove and glass will keep it run­ning ef­fi­ciently. You can vac­uum up the ash and use reg­u­lar glass cleaner for the front, but a soft cloth and brushes are needed to pre­vent scratch­ing the sur­face. Most re­tail­ers will sell care and main­te­nance prod­ucts, plus they can also pro­vide in­for­ma­tion about ser­vic­ing.

Al­ways put more than one log on the fire At A time, As one on its own won’t last long And the fire will die out

Try the sto­vax stock­ton 8, £979, gr8­, to recre­ate the look

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