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In­stantly trans­form your home by re­vamp­ing your tired floor­boards

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Trans­form your tired floor­boards with this couldn’t-be-sim­pler guide

If you’re look­ing to up­date a room, but can’t face a full re­dec­o­ra­tion, then why not con­sider painting the floors? Ideal for any range of floor­ing, from con­crete to wood, painting a con­trast­ing or com­ple­men­tary colour will change the look of the room, and can be done in a week­end. We’ve an­swered the most com­mon ques­tions so you have all the info you need to get started.

Your Ques­tions An­swered...

Q How do I pre­pare the sur­face of the floor so it’s ready for painting? For starters, you need to fill in any joints or cracks in the boards with a wood filler, then thor­oughly clean the floor. If the wood isn’t bare – if it has been treated or var­nished – be sure to clean it, then sand it down. Once all that is done then you can treat the floor with a primer in order to en­sure that the paint stays on for longer. It's also wise to prime any knots in the wood and leave the primer to dry overnight. Look into the best va­ri­ety to use, as it’ll de­pend on the type of wooden floor you have; an oil-based primer is usu­ally con­sid­ered to last the long­est. Q What tools do I need to be­gin with? You’ll need sandpaper, clean­ing prod­ucts such as floor de­ter­gent, a mop and a dust­pan and brush and, of course, paint­brushes in var­i­ous sizes. Re­mem­ber mask­ing tape, which is use­ful for stop­ping paint go­ing on the skirt­ing boards or walls. Q How do I go about painting a floor? Firstly you’ll need to open some win­dows to make sure there’s suf­fi­cient ven­ti­la­tion. Use mask­ing tape on the edges of skirt­ing or the bot­tom of walls to pro­tect them. Then you need to paint around the edges of the room with a medium-sized brush. Next, use a larger brush or roller and start from the fur­thest away corner from the door, work­ing back­wards. Make sure that you paint along the length of the wood grain, and pull the roller or brush to­wards you. Paint small ar­eas at a time and move across the room and back again. You’ll need at least two coats. Let each coat dry be­fore you start the new one. Q How long should the paint job last? This will de­pend on the paint you use as well as the colour, if you used a primer, and how much foot­fall oc­curs in the room. If you have done a few coats and sealed it, the re­sult should last at least a year. Q How do I go about painting a spe­cific pat­tern on the floor? First, de­cide what kind of pat­tern you’d like to paint. Will it be a rug de­sign, stripes or a geo­met­ric bor­der? Draw this on the floor in pen­cil first, and make sure the pat­tern is straight and ex­actly where you want it. Then use mask­ing tape to mark out your pat­tern, and get painting! Q Do I need to seal it with any­thing? If you have fin­ished painting your floor, but you find that you need to walk on it im­me­di­ately, you can then paint on a quick-dry seal­ing agent that will en­sure the floor is dry and smudge free. These

can also have the added ben­e­fit of ex­tend­ing the life­span of the painted floor. Q Is there any up­keep in­volved once the hard work is done? You might want to freshen up the paint on a yearly ba­sis with thin coats. It’s a good idea to make a note of the orig­i­nal paint colour if you want it to stay the same – or why not try a new shade or pat­tern to keep your room look­ing vi­brant.

Q How many coats of paint will I need?

At least two thin lay­ers, which you need to let dry overnight be­fore walk­ing on the floor again. Spe­cific hard­wear­ing floor paints are avail­able, but you will need at least two coats to en­sure that enough colour goes on.

A white scheme will help to cre­ate the il­lu­sion of space in a smaller room

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