bleed your ra­di­a­tors

Get your heat­ing work­ing ready for win­ter

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‘Swot up on how to re-pres­surise your boiler be­fore bleed­ing – check your boiler hand­book for in­for­ma­tion’

Bleed­ing your ra­di­a­tors means let­ting out air that’s be­come trapped inside your heat­ing sys­tem, ob­struct­ing the nor­mal flow of wa­ter around it. do­ing this will make the whole sys­tem more ef­fi­cient, al­low­ing the wa­ter level to be topped up, which means a warmer home and should save you money on your en­ergy bill too. tell-tale signs that your rads need bleed­ing in­clude cold spots (you could find the top half doesn’t heat up) or if your heat­ing sys­tem makes gur­gling sounds (a sign of trapped air). if you are un­sure, talk to a qual­i­fied heat­ing en­gi­neer first.

You will need

a ra­di­a­tor bleed key or screw­driver a tray or bowl a large towel or rag

1 Turn all your ra­di­a­tors up to max­i­mum tem­per­a­ture, and leave them to run for at least 15 min­utes be­fore turn­ing off the heat­ing, and let­ting the ra­di­a­tors cool down.

2 start with The ra­di­a­tor near­est The boiler. Turn the ra­di­a­tor valve off, and place your bowl or tray un­der­neath ready to catch any wa­ter that may es­cape. Keep your towel handy too.

3 use The ra­di­a­tor key or screw­driver to re­lease the bleeder valve – turn it to the left to re­lease the

air un­til wa­ter comes out. Take care not to open the valve com­pletely as it can be tricky to get back on again. As soon as wa­ter starts com­ing out, tighten the valve again.

4 work your way around your home, start­ing from the ground floor and fin­ish­ing at the top, bleed­ing ev­ery ra­di­a­tor in turn.

5 switch The cen­tral heat­ing boiler back on and check the pres­sure is be­tween 1.5 and 2 bar (read your boiler hand­book for more in­for­ma­tion).

reg­u­lar bleed­ing will en­sure your home’s heat­ing is work­ing ef­fi­ciently

Use a ra­di­a­tor key or screw­driver to re­lease the bleeder valve

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