Poldark’s women spy an­other hairy ch­est

Sunday Express - - Front Page - By David Stephen­son TV ED­I­TOR

THEY’RE fight­ing over a girl – Cor­nish style – in tonight’s episode of Poldark.

The ubiq­ui­tous male chests take cen­tre stage once again, al­though this time Ai­dan Turner is merely a con­cerned spec­ta­tor.

Two other char­ac­ters are left to “pant and sweat” as they take up the an­cient art of Cor­nish wrestling in a fight over a woman.

The scene is set at the Sawle Feast, when War­leg­gan hard-man Tom Harry (Tur­lough Con­very) chal­lenges Demelza’s de­vout brother Sam (Tom York) to a fight. Emma (Ciara Char­teris) is the prize. Ross, Demelza, El­iz­a­beth and the Eny­ses look on in hor­ror as the two hurl them­selves about in a sport which dates from medieval times and is locally known as “wrasslin”.

It is still staged once a year at the Royal Corn­wall Show and is said to be the “old­est sport in Corn­wall”.

It is claimed Henry V was ac­com­pa­nied into the Bat­tle of Agin­court by Cor­nish­men hold­ing a ban­ner, show­ing two Cor­nish wrestlers in a clinch.

Ac­tor Tom York said: “Sam agrees to a wrestling match with the brutish Tom Harry for the love of Emma Tre­girls, who has promised to at­tend church with him if he wins.

“Sam agrees to fight in the hope of fi­nally pro­vid­ing her with the chance to fall in love with Method­ism in a way that he has.

“Film­ing the match was so much fun. It is a real joy as an ac­tor when you have some­thing so phys­i­cal to get your teeth into.

“We had to wear the tra­di­tional Cor­nish wrestling jack­ets, which were our only weapons. You grab on to the other’s jacket to pin your op­po­nent down on the ground.

“The ob­ject is to lift and throw your op­po­nent so that he falls flat on to his back. It was

ex­haust­ing. It was chore­ographed but we wanted to get an au­then­tic feel for it. We had a lot of room to play around within that.

“It is a re­ally long fight so when you see us pant­ing and sweat­ing there is no act­ing and very lit­tle make-up.

“It was a re­ally im­mer­sive ex­pe­ri­ence and great fun. From the re­ac­tions of the peo­ple watch­ing it is go­ing to be very ex­cit­ing.”

Sam’s love for Emma will chal­lenge his strict Methodist views, said York.

He said: “It comes down to fight­ing for love this se­ries for Sam. He fights with him­self be­cause Emma is not nec­es­sar­ily who Sam is des­tined to be with. Emma rep­re­sents so many things he wishes he could be and some things he def­i­nitely doesn’t wish to be.

“But he can’t help lov­ing her and even though he knows she is prob­a­bly not right for him he can’t stop his heart. I think a lot of peo­ple can re­late to that strug­gle.” ● Poldark, BBC One tonight, 9pm.

Pic­tures: MIKE HO­GAN

BRUIS­ING EN­COUNTER: Bearded Tom Harry (Tur­lough Con­very) lifts Sam Carne (Tom York) dur­ing their tra­di­tional Cor­nish fight; in­set, Tom with Emma Tre­girls (Ciara Char­teris)

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