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JUST in time for fes­tive sea­son, Steven Knight’s panto with­out laughs re­turns, this time with ex­tra-added frown­ing from this year’s guest dames Adrien Brody and Ai­dan Gillen. Oh yes they did. Things get go­ing tonight with an episode that has both ends burn­ing with cliffhang­ers. Last we saw of the Shelby brood, most of them – with the ex­cep­tion of slip­pery head­man Tommy (Cil­lian Mur­phy) – were be­ing rounded up by the rozzers and banged up in pokey. As we be­gin, they’re still all slum­ber­ing in the hoosegow, but they’re about to have a very rude awak­en­ing: dragged from their cells kick­ing and scream­ing and carted off to the ex­e­cu­tion cham­ber for a mass hang­ing…No! Else­where, we meet Tommy him­self, look­ing like a much-changed man. He’s ditched his lethal flat cap, has some­how picked up an OBE, and is liv­ing the life far away as a well-re­spected gen­tle­man of busi­ness. Rest as­sured, though, be­fore the episode is out, there will be blood, and Tommy will have a very red right hand in­deed. And the Black Hand to deal with.

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