For­get la­bels and talk love not hate

Sunday Herald - - 19.03.17 EDITORIAL & LETTERS -

ALEXAN­DER McKay in­ter­prets Ge­orge Or­well as say­ing that pa­tri­o­tism is love of one’s coun­try and na­tion­al­ism ha­tred of other coun­tries (Chris­tian­ity and hu­man val­ues, Let­ters, March 12).

If he wishes to use this as an ar­gu­ment against pro­po­nents of Scot­tish in­de­pen­dence he was partly an­swered in ad­vance by An­gela Hag­gerty: “While I still hes­i­tate to self-la­bel as a na­tion­al­ist I’m less both­ered about oth­ers slap­ping the la­bel on me” (The pond life who bully don’t care about Yes or No, Com­ment, March 5). Per­son­ally, I joined the SNP as the “Scot­tish Na­tional Party” in 1950. There was not then and there is not now any “ist” in its ti­tle but, like An­gela Hag­gerty, I have stopped wor­ry­ing about oth­ers slap­ping the la­bel on.

As for hat­ing other coun­tries, like many other SNP mem­bers and sup­port­ers I have lived and worked in other coun­tries, have sought to serve and wish them well. A big mo­tive for Scot­tish in­de­pen­dence is so that Scot­land may play a con­struc­tive role in world af­fairs, seek­ing to use Scot­tish re­sources and in­ge­nu­ity to help oth­ers as well as to bet­ter our­selves. David Steven­son Ed­in­burgh EACH week, the com­bined writ­ing of An­gela Hag­gerty, Hardeep Singh Kohli and the ad­mirable Val Burns brighten my week­end. I be­lieve love is the main in­gre­di­ent of the ac­crued wis­dom of these ex­cel­lent and en­ter­tain­ing colum­nists and can maybe be summed up as learn­ing to live in love with life.

I was sick­ened to read of the on­line abuse di­rected at Scot­tish women politi­cians. In a world lit­tered with lies and un­cer­tainty, truth and hon­esty must be up­held and sup­ported to avert a down­ward path to anar­chy. Such abuse is from a tiny mi­nor­ity and such ig­no­rant be­hav­iour will sadly al­ways be there, but it should never de­tract from the rea­soned dis­cus­sion of the vast ma­jor­ity. Grant Frazer, New­ton­more

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