Bring out your dead ... and fry them

Good week, bad week By Rus­sell Leadbetter

Sunday Herald - - 19.03.17 EDITORIAL & LETTERS -

It’s been a good week for … Maximus Dec­imus Merid­ius

LAST time we saw Ri­d­ley Scott’s Os­car­win­ning epic, Glad­i­a­tor, Rus­sell Crowe’s char­ac­ter was most def­i­nitely dead, hav­ing suc­cumbed to wounds in­flicted by his en­emy, Com­modus, in a duel in the Colos­seum.

Seventeen years on, how­ever, the di­rec­tor is talk­ing about fea­tur­ing Maximus (and Crowe) in an­other film.

“I know how to bring him back,” Scott said re­cently. “I was hav­ing this talk with the stu­dio – ‘but he’s dead.’ But there is a way of bring­ing him back. Whether it will hap­pen I don’t know. Glad­i­a­tor was 2000, so Rus­sell’s changed a lit­tle bit. He’s do­ing some­thing right now but I’m try­ing to get him back down here.”

To adapt the orig­i­nal film’s tagline: “The gen­eral who be­came a slave. The slave who be­came a glad­i­a­tor. The glad­i­a­tor who de­fied an em­pire. The long-dead glad­i­a­tor who came back to life for a se­quel that no-one saw com­ing.”

It’s been a bad week for … mi­crowave ovens

To most of us, the mi­crowave oven is a handy kitchen de­vice that heats up cups of cof­fee and evening meals. To Don­ald Trump’s se­nior coun­sel­lor Kellyanne Con­way, it’s some­thing else en­tirely.

Con­way has waded into Trump’s un­sub­stan­ti­ated claim that Pres­i­dent Obama had had his wires tapped in Trump Tower last Oc­to­ber. White House press sec­re­tary Sean Spicer now says it was not meant to be taken lit­er­ally.

In­ter­viewed on camera in New Jersey, Con­way said: “There are many ways to surveil each other now, un­for­tu­nately.

“There was an ar­ti­cle this week that talked about how you can surveil some­one through their phones, cer­tainly through their tele­vi­sion sets … mi­crowaves that turn into cam­eras, etc. We know that that is just a fact of mod­ern life.”

At which point, a star­tled na­tion gazed in wild sur­prise at its mi­crowaves and won­dered if Trump’s had se­cretly been turned into a camera for use against him.

Con­way later said she wasn’t mak­ing a sug­ges­tion about Trump Tower and was mak­ing a gen­eral point about sur­veil­lance. But the dam­age has been done.

We’ll never look at our mi­crowaves the same way again – just in case they’re look­ing at us.

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