Berry was right about Bolog­nese

Sunday Herald - - 19.03.17 EDITORIAL & LETTERS -

DAMIEN Love can be quite funny (Last week’s TV high­lights, Sun­day Her­ald Life, March 12). How­ever, he should per­haps leave talk­ing about food to peo­ple who know their sub­ject, like Shirley Spear or Joanna Blyth­man ... or even Mary Berry, who has ob­vi­ously learned to get Bolog­nese sauce right in these past two decades.

Ada Boni’s Ital­ian Re­gional Cook­ing, a USA pub­lished English trans­la­tion of the Ital­ian orig­i­nal, shows that Bolog­nese sauce should in­deed con­tain minced pork, white wine and cream. Damien Love might also want to check out Gior­gio Lo­catelli’s visit to Bologna on one of his many TV ap­pear­ances.

Fried beef mince made browner with red wine then dyed neon red with a tin­load of toma­toes, served with a Neapoli­tan pasta shape? Now that’s what I’d call Brexit pasta. An­drew McCracken Gran­town on Spey

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