How to read scrip­ture cor­rectly

Sunday Herald - - 19.03.17 EDITORIAL & LETTERS -

WHAT have Chris­tians done to Doug Clark that he twists New Tes­ta­ment teach­ing (Chris­tian­ity and hu­man val­ues, Let­ters, March 12)? Eph 5.21 says submit to one an­other; 1 Tim.2 isn’t about fam­ily, but church wor­ship; sal­va­tion, be­ing free, does not re­quire leav­ing fam­ily, it is worth far more than the se­cu­rity it brought; to use “pledge” of fam­ily be­trayal cor­rupts the re­al­is­tic de­scrip­tion for many of break­ing away from the op­pres­sion of re­ac­tionary fam­ily; and Mtth.15.4 ar­gues that sup­port­ing needy par­ents is more im­por­tant than re­li­gious do­na­tions. Bob Philip, Shield­hill

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