Why al­co­holic mea­sures mat­ter

Sunday Herald - - EDITORIAL & LETTERS - David Muir, Ed­in­burgh

FOR health rea­sons, it’s im­por­tant peo­ple know how much al­co­hol they con­sume, so to re­fer to “one drink (40 grams of al­co­hol)” is mis­lead­ing (Is al­co­hol ru­in­ing your fit­ness?, Mind & body, Au­gust 13). One unit of al­co­hol in the UK is de­fined as 10 millil­itres, or eight grams, of pure ethanol. The 40 grams of al­co­hol men­tioned in the ar­ti­cle is not so much a drink, as a night out.

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