Blood, bad vibes and sugar rushes ... dis­cover the 10 hor­rors of Hal­loween

The Herald on Sunday - - 29.10.17 LIFESTYLE -

When it comes to the bat­tle be­tween the pumpkin and the neep, the big or­ange squash has won. But it isn’t per­fect. It doesn’t take long for it to get a bit whiffy, and the kind of mon­ster pump­kins that dom­i­nate our su­per­mar­kets just aren’t made for eat­ing, so there’s a lot of wastage.

The neep, or turnip, of course, is the tra­di­tional veg­etable of choice, though it is so chal­leng­ing to carve that you’d be lucky not look­ing like a sur­vivor from The Texas Chain­saw Mas­sacre by the time you’ve fin­ished. Plasters es­sen­tial, what­ever your lantern. they re­ally are, and do some­thing em­bar­rass­ing or pos­si­bly ap­palling. It’s Hal­loween. It hap­pens. Chill out. Hal­loween sprawl has started to take over Oc­to­ber. The re­sult is that chil­dren, teenagers, and some adults, have not just one but sev­eral Hal­loween par­ties to go to, not to men­tion a bit of guis­ing on the night it­self. Some kids think this is a rea­son for mul­ti­ple cos­tumes. The an­swer, here, has to be NO. One cos­tume, hacked mul­ti­ple times over the fes­tive pe­riod, so it reaches peak creepi­ness by its fi­nal wear­ing. Es­pe­cially if you’re a zom­bie.

It’s a scream ... if you’re pre­pared for fake blood ev­ery­where, bad be­hav­iour and smelly turnips.

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