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Jan­uary 1, 2015, un­til he told themm nearly a year later.

Re­call­ing that night, he said: “I wrote a mes­sage apol­o­gis­ing to my fam­i­ly­ily and made it the screen­saver on my phone­hone so they would be able to find it.

“Af­ter tak­ing the tablets, I start­e­drted to feel ill re­ally quickly and passed out on the couch.

“When my par­ents came home, my dad as­sumed I was drunk and put me to bed.

“I woke up late that af­ter­noonon and re­alised no one had any idea whatat I had just done. I deleted my screen­saverver and made the de­ci­sion not to tell any­onee what had hap­pened.

“For the next 10 months I con­tin­ued­nued to bat­tle the way I was feel­ing. I though­tught about killing my­self again but I nev­er­ever made an­other at­tempt.”

In the run-up to Christ­mas 2015,15, Bobby even­tu­ally broke down andnd told his mum ev­ery­thing. It was as the best thing he ever did.

He said: “I was stand­ing in thee mid­dle of the liv­ing room one night t and mum asked me if I was OK. I burst into tears and told her how aw­ful I was feel­ing. “I clung to her and we both just sobbed. It felt like a mas­sive weight had been lifted off my shoul­ders. I hadad been bot­tling ev­ery­thing ry­thing up for far tooo long.

“She was re­ally up­set that I hadn’t felt able to talk to her about it but I told her I hadn’t

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wanted to up­se­tupse or worry her and had been try­ing to deald with it on my own. “She was fantafan­tas­tic, as were my dad and brother. They al­lal en­cour­aged me to talk aboutabo things and per­suaded me to go to see a doc­tor.” Bobby,B who is study­ing fit­ness­fitn and health at col­lege, was re­ferred to a psy­chi­a­trist. He said: “They taught me that my feel­ings were re­ally just thoughts.th “I re­alise­dre I wasn’t alone and that theret are thou­sands of young peo­plep out there who are strug­glingstrug­gli with the same feel­ings. “I now know how to spot the signs and,and no mat­ter how aw­ful I feel toda­to­day, there will al­ways be a to­mor­row.to­mor­row “I wish I had got pro­fes­sional med­i­cal helphe sooner as if I knew then what I do nnow, I would never have at­tempted sui­cide.”s Bobby has pledged to do what­ever he can to helphe other young peo­ple strug­gling withwi de­pres­sion. He said: “MMen in gen­eral don’t of­ten talk about theirthei emo­tions and are good at cov­er­ing up­uph­how they are feel­ing in­side, which makes themth harder to help. “You can haveha the best life in the world and stil­still feel de­pressed. I’ve learnt it is to­ta­to­tally fine to feel this way and am now co­cop­ing bet­ter than ever be­fore. “My tat­too is a vis­i­ble and con­stant re­minder that I am a sur­vivor and that others can make it too if they ex­press their emo­tions and get the right pro­fes­sional med­i­cal help.”

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