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1 It’s a ter­ri­ble lie – an ET crea­ture or lit­tle green man (5) 4 Feel­ing guilty if there’s only a slice of grandma’s ham, Ed­ward? (7) 8 Ex­act, ac­cu­rate and spe­cific when pre­par­ing recipes (7) 9 A track­ing de­vice? Ada must hide in the Rolls Royce (5) 10 Hand’s off! Lego is over the table­cloth at first (3,2) 11 Wee Regi­nald re­turned with a guy from Ber­lin (6) 14 Go ahead, eat heartily! Wee Diana will get the gin (3,2) 16 A bit un­steady… Keswick’s dry-stone walls? (5) 18 The panorama that a spec­ta­tor has (6) 21 Re­ally dis­likes an ashet pie (5) 24 Stick your neck out to see a long-legged bird in Ja­pan (5) 25 Sneaky Scot Les is the short­est dis­tance away (7) 26 They say it’s golden since tak­ing in the French (7) 27 Re­turns from Uist sud­denly and does some clean­ing (5) 1 Take the top off the red berries – In­di­ana Jones hates them (4) 2 Do po­lar sailors avoid this type of let­tuce? (7) 3 A joiner’s sharp shooter? Is this the man­i­curist’s weapon? (4,3) 4 A spe­cial sale of beer, lager, stout and frothy pub brews (4) 5 It’s a do­mes­ti­cated an­i­mal in Bangladesh or Sene­gal (5) 6 Adam is un­der the first bit of mistle­toe with a stuck-up woman (5) 7 Men leave Den­mark over the Drum­nadro­chit loch in the twi­light (8) 12 Soul singer Charles drove round Ayr (3) 13 Pro­gresses? Yes, moves for­ward with amorous over­tures (8) 15 US boxer Tyson lost the head with Eisen­hower (3) 16 Did moan about an en­gage­ment ring gem­stone (7) 17 Zoo work­ers who wear gloves on the cricket field? (7) 19 A creamy gem from a fa­mous Amer­i­can navy har­bour (5) 20 Un­cle An­drew re­veals it must be spick and span (5) 22 Rachel’s pain (4) 23 One of Lex Luthor’s hench­men pri­mar­ily – or the Ice­man’s some­times (4)

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