Baby born by womb trans­plant Joy for mum with no uterus


A WOMAN born with no uterus has given birth after doc­tors gave her a womb trans­plant.

The mum, who has not been named, had the op after a 36-year-old nurse of­fered to be a donor.

She then had to wait more than a year be­fore an em­bryo could be suc­cess­fully im­planted.

Nurse Tay­lor Siler, 36, a mum-of-two who lives near the hos­pi­tal in Dal­las, Texas, said she agreed to be a donor after see­ing mem­bers of her own fam­ily strug­gle with fer­til­ity.

She said: “If we can give more peo­ple that op­tion, that’s an awe­some thing.” The birth at Bay­lor Univer­sity Med­i­cal Cen­ter was con­firmed on Fri­day. It comes after years of failed at­tempts in the US. Un­til now the only suc­cess­ful womb trans­plants lead­ing to a birth have been in Swe­den. Dr Mats Brannstrom, of the Univer­sity of Gothen­burg, was the first to de­liver a baby after a uterus trans­plant, in 2014. It was given to a woman of 36 by a friend aged 61 who had been through the menopause.

EMBRYONIC Model of baby in the womb

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