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Down­ing Street po­lice don’t only climb into body ar­mour, at­tach hand­cuffs, strap 9mm Glock 17 sidearms on and tool up with Heck­ler & Koch G36C sub­ma­chine guns. They also carry pet treats Dreamies. For Larry, the No 10 cat. Shows just how fas­tid­i­ous Theresa May’s guardians are about both kit and kitty.

A fuel duty freeze is good for driv­ers, but makes a tax rise for drinkers more likely.

If you’re fool­ish enough to drink and drive I guess this kind of evens out.

Philip Ham­mond must get the £20bil­lion promised to the NHS from some­where and 7p on a bot­tle of still wine, 9p on sparkling and 2p on beer is now fave for his Oc­to­ber 29 Bud­get.

The Chan­cel­lor was fu­ri­ous with Theresa May for lim­it­ing his op­tions by tak­ing petrol and diesel hikes off the ta­ble.

That move alone has lost him a mighty £800mil­lion in tax in­come. He’s also look­ing at cut­ting higher rate pen­sions tax relief, freez­ing in­come tax thresh­olds and slash­ing the level small firms pay VAT at from £85,000 to £43,000.

In ad­di­tion he’ll need an­other £1bil­lion now the PM has lifted the lo­cal au­thor­ity bor­row­ing cap for new homes.

So he might make the top tax rate bite at £125,000 in­stead of £150,000 a year.

Spread­sheet Phil’s fast find­ing his in­ner Jeremy Cor­byn.

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