I’ve drunk noth­ing but Pepsi for 60 yrs

Great-gran downs four cans of fizzy pop a day


A GREAT-GRAN has de­clared she wouldn’t drink wa­ter even if she were dy­ing... she’d stick to her favourite Pepsi like she has done for 64 years.

Jackie Page, 77, has had noth­ing else to drink but four cans of the fizzy pop a day since her first taste aged 13 in 1954.

And she in­sists she has al­ways been slim, fit and healthy de­spite con­sum­ing the equiv­a­lent of three mil­lion sugar cubes. “I don’t call it an ad­dic­tion. It’s just some­thing I like and I can’t help it if I don’t like any­thing else,” says the re­tired house­keeper and mum of four.


“Some peo­ple might think it’s weird and that nowa­days you shouldn’t drink Pepsi. But I don’t care and I won’t set­tle for any­thing else. I wouldn’t drink wa­ter – no way. Not even if I was dy­ing. And I won’t drink tea or cof­fee.”

Jackie reck­ons her love of the canned fizz – she won’t drink it from a bot­tle – hasn’t had any af­fect on her health over the years.

“I have al­ways been re­ally, re­ally slim un­til about five years ago – but I think that’s be­cause I am not as ac­tive as I was,” she says.

“Right up un­til I was 60 I was still do­ing line danc­ing and I was pretty fit, but I can’t get out to do that now. They say Pepsi is bad for your teeth – but I am a wartime baby and there’s not many of us without rot­ten teeth so I wouldn’t know.”

The crav­ing that has led her to down more than 93,000 cans at a cost £65,800 be­gan as a teenager. Up to then her mother had a night­mare get­ting her to drink any­thing.

“I didn’t like milk or wa­ter. My mum used to say ‘you have to drink some­thing’. I know she used to give me lemon­ade or cher­ryade,” says Jackie, now a carer.

“I wouldn’t drink to en­joy it. Un­til I tasted Pepsi, drink­ing was just some­thing I put up with.”

She re­veals the only in­ter­rup­tion to her Pepsi pas­sion came when she was in hospi­tal giv­ing birth to her four chil­dren in the Six­ties – be­cause it was banned from the ma­ter­nity ward. “They wouldn’t let me have it in with me so I had to go without,” says Jackie.

“But I’ve been to hospi­tal since for some ma­jor op­er­a­tions and I was al­lowed to have it there.

“Much to their dis­gust, the staff even al­lowed me to keep my Pepsi in the kitchen fridge be­cause I wouldn’t drink any­thing else. My kids used to come up to visit me in hospi­tal with sup­plies of it so that I stayed hy­drated.”

Now even her 11 grand­chil­dren and eight great-grand­chil­dren are un­der strict in­struc­tions not to drink her stash when they visit her at her home in Car­shal­ton, Sur­rey.


Jackie – who once had a dog called Pepsi and ad­mits to hat­ing ri­val brand Coca-Cola – says: “I have a cold one as soon as I wake up each day straight from the fridge.

“It’s like when some­one says they want to drink a lovely cup of tea first thing in the morn­ing. I drink up a lovely can of Pepsi in­stead.

“I even have it when we’re eat­ing out as I don’t like al­co­hol ei­ther. If the restau­rant doesn’t have it I just pull a can from my bag. Some­times they get a bit funny about it. But I just know what I like – and that’s Pepsi.”

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