Phone in bed beats sex for de­vicesquad


MIL­LIONS of gad­get-crazy Brits would sooner play on their phone than have hanky panky, a sur­vey says.

The poll shows an as­ton­ish­ing 41 per cent favour their hand-held de­vice in bed at the ex­pense of sex.

Al­most a quar­ter ad­mit their phone is the first thing they look for in the morn­ing, while more than a third say us­ing it is the last thing they do be­fore they sleep at night.

The sur­vey by Swedish hard­ware store chain Clas Ohlson re­veals one in five Brits ex­press them­selves bet­ter us­ing emo­jis than real words. One in 10 only say “I love you” by text.

Clas Ohlson ran the sur­vey ahead of launch­ing a new Qual­ity Time range aimed at en­cour­ag­ing fam­i­lies and friends to spend more time to­gether.

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