Why THIS man should run Bri­tain!

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AT first glance – well, at sec­ond and third glances, too, to be hon­est – Tory MP Ja­cob Rees- Mogg is ab­so­lutely the wrong man to lead this coun­try. He’s just so WEIRD! He speaks Latin, called his kid Six­tus, went to Eton and has his hair done like Mr Logic out of Viz.

He’s po­lite, well- spo­ken and tol­er­ant of the views of oth­ers. Pah! What a fos­sil! He even car­ries a han­kie, for God’s sake. Who car­ries a han­kie th­ese days? Much bet­ter to sniff and snuf­fle and drib­ble your snot over other peo­ple like the man on the tram next to me the other day.

Rees- Mogg is stub­bornly and proudly old- fash­ioned.

Some of th­ese old- fash­ioned views came to light the other day on ITV’s Good Morn­ing Bri­tain.

He’s op­posed to gay mar­riage and abor­tion – in all cir­cum­stances.

As it hap­pens, I ab­so­lutely dis­agree with him in this re­spect. The idea that a woman would not be able to get an abor­tion after be­ing raped is hor­ri­fy­ing.

But Rees- Mogg is not sug­gest­ing they wouldn’t. He’s say­ing that he does not agree with it.

He’s fol­low­ing the teach­ings of the Catholic Church, some­thing he deeply and sin­cerely be­lieves in.

Rees- Mogg ac­cepted women’s abor­tion rights un­der UK law were “not go­ing to change”.

He’s re­spect­ing the demo­cratic will of the peo­ple as re­flected by Par­lia­ment. Ac­cept­ing some­thing your fun­da­men­tally dis­agree with?

How ut­terly re­fresh­ing. How un- mod­ern.


The for­mer Lib­eral leader Tim Far­ron, him­self a com­mit­ted Chris­tian, was forced to quit be­cause his per­sonal views on ho­mo­sex­u­al­ity were at odds with his party and with the ma­jor­ity of the pub­lic.

But un­like Rees- Mogg he dodged and evaded. He didn’t have the back­bone to say: “This is what I be­lieve – it’s un­pop­u­lar, I know, but it’s what I be­lieve.”

In – where else – The Guardian, last week, some scruffy- haired harpy called Rees- Mogg a “thor­oughly mod­ern bigot”. BOL­LOCKS, woman! This man is the com­plete op­po­site of a bigot. He could teach the real big­ots – the leftie lib­er­als who scream down any­one who de­vi­ates from their own iron- hard world- view – a les­son or two in tol­er­ance.

In a world where politi­cians bend and sway in the pre­vail­ing breeze and change course on the strength of one news­pa­per head­line, Rees- Mogg stands head and shoul­ders above the rest.

Rees- Mogg is mocked as the “Mem­ber of Par­lia­ment of the 18th Cen­tury”. Mocked? Re­mem­ber, folks, it was in the 18th cen­tury that this coun­try laid the foun­da­tions to rule the world.

Sounds like a man we should have run­ning the show in the 21st cen­tury.

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