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Sunday Sport - - LEGENDS -

MY girl­friend works as a hair­dresser and she’s al­ways run­ning out of stuff for her sa­lon, so of­ten I get a call to “pop to the whole­salers” to get what­ever it is she’s for­got­ten.

Last week she called and asked me to col­lect some stock for a mate of hers who has a place across town. As my girl was work­ing late that night, the pal, who I’d never met, came round.

This stun­ning girl no­ticed that I’d been look­ing at a porn film on my lap­top which was open on the cof­fee ta­ble – and grabbed my knob.

She had it out in an in­stant and started toss­ing me off. Once I was rock- hard she sucked me off and swal­lowed the lot as I came. Then she upped and left, tak­ing her box of hair stuff.

My girl came home later and asked if her pal had been. I con­firmed it. I had vi­sions of a three­some with the two of them but for once I kept my trap shut. Was I right? THINGS could have got hairy if you had! RF, Kent I’M a 25- year- old woman who works as a sales rep and I travel all over the coun­try with my job.

I’m highly- sexed and even though my boyfriend does his best to keep me sat­is­fied, he doesn’t quite man­age it.

I have al­ways had a fan­tasy of hav­ing some fun with a hunky truck driver. The other day I stopped in a layby for a loo break and parked up in front of a lorry.

The driver asked if I’d like to get up in his cab. As I climbed up, his head went up my skirt and he pressed his face up against my pussy.

He later en­tered me with his mas­sive cock and brought me to the first of three or­gasms. Are all lorry driv­ers this well- en­dowed?

FT, South- West I’M led to be­lieve so! I’m go­ing to say some­thing con­tro­ver­sial… I pre­fer the NEW Bake Off to the old one! PAH! Bake Off is rub­bish! Don’t you see? It’s just a load of dick­heads bak­ing cakes and bis­cuits

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