Sex romp climbers will blow vol­cano!

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A VOL­CANO is set to erupt be­cause kinky for­eign climbers had SEX on its slopes, su­per­sti­tious lo­cals have claimed.

Lusty moun­taineers on Mount Agung in In­done­sia have an­gered “the beast” of the vol­cano and lava will soon fol­low, ac­cord­ing to local magic men.

The In­done­sian vol­cano looks set to blow as up to 400 earth­quakes have hit the region over the last few days, caus­ing 75,000 peo­ple to flee the dan­ger zone.

While the im­mi­nent erup­tion is a nat­u­ral phe­nom­e­non, a priest from nearby Muntig, a Ba­li­nese vil­lage in­side the vol­cano evac­u­a­tion zone, said that the moun­tain is an­gry be­cause the “bule” – white peo­ple – have been hav­ing sex on it.

Jaya, the priest of the vil­lage, said: “The climbers did that.”

No- one can pre­dict when Agung will erupt, but the big­gest warn­ing sign will be when the an­i­mals start flee­ing.

An­other local, Ke­tut, said: “The old peo­ple ad­vised us the heat from the moun­tain will make them flee – deer, snakes, wild cows… any­thing.” FORMER din­ner lady An­nette said: “I do love Ricky Ger­vais but didn’t half give Slough a bad name.

“This will go some way to make up for it – and my hus­band will be de­lighted!” FLORIST Becky told us: “I hope fun­ny­man Ricky sees these pic­tures – it’d be great if he got in touch.

“I want to see him do that hi­lar­i­ous David Brent dance for me, too.”

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