HERE’S a thing, folks – it’s Na­tional Curry Week! In­dian cui­sine is hugely pop­u­lar in Bri­tain thanks to our cen­turies of be­nign rule of the sub­con­ti­nent and few high streets are with­out a balti. But how much do you know about In­dian food? Take our word­sea

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DEEP fried crispy wafers made with lentil flour

A FIERY, spicy dish pop­u­lar in the re­gion of Goa and the sur­round­ing Konkan area

A FLAT, un­leav­ened bread made with finely milled whole­meal flour. Eaten hot.

IN­DIAN word for potato

A TEARDROP shaped leav­ened bread cooked in a tan­door.

SMALL chunks of chicken or lamb which have been mar­i­nated in yo­ghurt and spices and then threaded onto skew­ers and cooked in a tan­door or over a char- grill

HOME- MADE cheese made by boil­ing whole milk and then cur­dling it with an acid such as lemon juice.

IN­DIAN word for Spinach

RICE cooked in a broth or some­times first sauteed lightly in oil be­fore the ad­di­tion of broth

DEEP fried tri­an­gu­lar pas­tries filled with ei­ther spiced veg or minced lamb

It’s dead hard!

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