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BOFFINS are close to cre­at­ing bul­let­proof cy­ber- mon­keys with skull- smash­ing ro­botic arms!

Th­jey have im­planted elec­trodes into mon­keys’ brains which al­low them to con­trol a spe­cial­ly­de­signed ro­bot arm.

The hope is that, in time, the tech­nol­ogy could be used to cre­ate re­place­ment cy­ber- limbs for am­putees or the paral­ysed.

But fu­ture- watch­ers fear that eggheads may have set us down a path that leads to armies of ro­bot mon­keys, con­trolled by ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence and ded­i­cated to wip­ing hu­man­ity from the planet.

A study on rhe­sus mon­keys showed that the an­i­mals could be trained to use their thoughts to move a ro­botic arm and grasp a ball.

While the sys­tem is yet to be tested in hu­mans, the re­searchers be­lieve it could soon al­low am­putees to con­trol ar­ti­fi­cial limbs even sev­eral years af­ter an am­pu­ta­tion.

Re­searchers from the Univer­sity of Chicago have demon­strated how am­putees can learn to con­trol a ro­botic arm through elec­trodes im­planted in the brain.

A spokesper­son said: “The brain and ner­vous sys­tem of the mon­keys are very sim­i­lar to hu­mans, so this re­search is like a proof of con­cept for hu­mans. CHIMP PANZER: How ro­bot cy­ber ape might look

“One day the same tech­nol­ogy can be used to help hu­man am­putees move ro­botic pros­thet­ics with the brain.”

But Dr Kurt Wes­theim of the Univer­sity of West Lan­cashire shud­dered: “Are they mad? Have they raelly not seen Ter­mi­na­tor or Planet of the Apes?

“We are just years away from war, not just with mon­keys, but with gi­ant fire- breath­ing ro­bot mon­keys.

“With lasers in their eyes, more likely than not, mark my words”

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