Trump row MPs are pos­tur­ing pil­locks

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WE are hurtling to­wards Brexit with ap­par­ently no­body at the con­trols. The na­tion’s split from top to bot­tom. Pub­lic ser­vices are in melt­down. The roads are clogged.

The trains don’t work. We’re maybe months away from get­ting a mad- eyed Com­mie and his band of Jew- haters in Num­ber 10. Oh, and it’s f** king freezing. So what do they de­cide to de­bate in the House of Com­mons? Don­ald Trump’s Twit­ter ac­count. It’s so f** king em­bar­rass­ing. As we know, the Pres­i­dent of the United States is a fan of Twit­ter. Like most peo­ple on the so­cial me­dia site, he tweets first and thinks after­wards.

Last week he shared a cou­ple of links from the po­lit­i­cal group Bri­tain First, who are known for their ro­bust man­i­festo.

Our busy MPs re­sponded to this with a col­lec­tive fit of the vapours – scram­bling to be the loud­est crit­ics.

“ME, ME, ME! – I think Trump’s worse than you do!”

Pa­thetic shower of c** ts.

Tory MP Peter Bone asked PM Teresa May if she could per­suade Trump to delete his Twit­ter ac­count.

In the House of Com­mons – the Mother of Par­lia­ments.

Sev­eral MPs called for the state visit of Trump to the UK can­celled, with for­mer Labour min­is­ter Yvette Cooper say­ing Bri­tain could not “sim­ply roll out a red car­pet and give a plat­form for the Pres­i­dent of the United States” to “sow dis­cord in our com­mu­ni­ties”. For f** k’s sake! Two years ago we rolled out the red car­pet to the pres­i­dent of China – and you’d be hard- pressed to find a more blood­soaked regime.

We bend over back­wards for the fat be- robed bas­tards who run Saudi Ara­bia, pour bil­lions into the cof­fers of African dic­ta­tors and turn a blind eye to hu­man rights abuses all over the planet.

But our MPs get ex­cited when Don­ald Trump gets a bit car­ried away on so­cial me­dia.

Labour MP Paul Flynn said if Mr Trump should be “charged with in­cit­ing racial ha­tred” if he comes to the UK, a view echoed by fel­low Labour MP Naz Shah. F** KING BOL­LOCKS! Flynn and Shah’s wages are paid out of our taxes. The pair of twats should be charged with wast­ing pub­lic funds.

MPs should do their f** king jobs – and quit this virtue- sig­nalling ar­se­holery.

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