The mo­ment took us in this re­mote forest and we had pas­sion­ate sex up against a tree!

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FIRST HUGE WILLY JES­SICA: I had a week­end in London about six months ago and bumped into one of the lads I went to school with. I pulled him that night and ended up in his bed.

I got the fright of my life when I saw his willy was nine inches long. It re­ally hurt but the sav­ing grace was he came af­ter just a few min­utes. We’ve had sex since

FIRST TIME DRESS­ING UP JES­SICA: I dressed up as a school­girl on Valen­tine’s Day last year as a treat for my boyfriend. His eyes lit up when he saw me and we wasted no time in get­ting into bed.

The sex was re­ally in­tense and it was a huge turn- on for him.

You should dress up now and again be­cause it adds a bit of va­ri­ety. AMY: Last year I dressed up as a po­lice­woman. It didn’t re­ally do much for straight after­wards. I didn’t re­gret it but I haven’t done it since. AMY: I was 18 and met a guy in a night­club on New Year’s Eve and in­vited him back to my friend’s house.

It was no sur­prise when we ended up in bed to­gether. The sex was great and lasted al­most three hours, he was ex­tremely ath­letic!

I had no re­grets the next day and since then I’ve had three more.

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