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LURKER: Brenda jumps out and shows her boobs to males, in the hope of get­ting some stiff cock SOME peo­ple go off to the woods to soak up na­ture’s beauty and the tran­quil­lity of a for­est set­ting.

Oth­ers go to spot rare birds and yet more take their shriek­ing chil­dren to ruin it for ev­ery­one else.

But Brenda Har­ri­son has some­thing else on her mind when she lurks among the trees… SEX! For the nympho­ma­niac – known lo­cally as ‘ Mad Brenda’ – leaps out of the bushes and flashes her large busters at male passersby, in the hope of them pen­e­trat­ing her sod­den minge with their erect mem­bers!

Brenda, 29, told Sun­day Sport: “I’ve given a few blokes quite a fright and a cou­ple of ram­blers have run away gib­ber­ing.

“But on the whole, when I leap onto the path, whip my boobs out and ask, ‘ Like what you see? Want to cop a feel?’ they say, ‘ Aye’ and within sec­onds they’re mash­ing my teats.

“And more of­ten than not, I get a nice bit of cock out of it.”

But now Brenda’s reign of naugh­ti­ness may be com­ing to an end.

Bafton Foresty, owner of the 300- acre Bafton Woods south of Work­sop, Notts, has ap­plied for an in­junc­tion ban­ning Brenda from the site.

A spokesman for the com­pany said: “Bafton Forestry are com­mit­ted to keep­ing Bafton Woods as an area for lo­cal recre­ation and the en­joy­ment of wildlife there.

“A cock- hun­gry mad­woman leap­ing out of the un­der­growth does lit­tle to en­hance the util­ity of the woods.

“Un­less you’re a sex per­son, of course.”

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