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A “CU­RI­OUS” bloke had to have surgery to re­move a phone charger from his cock af­ter he stuck it in his chap’s eye and it got lodged.

The man, whose name has not been re­leased, is said to have in­serted half the eight- inch USB cable down his pe­nis be­fore real­is­ing he could not pull it out again.

He was rushed to hospi­tal where medics ap­plied lu­bri­ca­tion in a bid to pull the cable out.

How­ever, when that proved un­suc­cess­ful and caused in­tense pain the man had to un­dergo surgery.

Doc­tor Xu Liyan, the res­i­dent urol­o­gist at the hospi­tal in Linkou in China’s north- east­ern Hei­longjiang prov­ince, said: “He cut off one end of the cable and in­serted it into his ure­thra.

“The cable reached his blad­der, where it got tan­gled and ended up in

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