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MOOBY DAZ­ZLER: Stan shows off his huge man boobs WHEN wimpy Stan Groves saw an ad promis­ing big mus­cles and a He Man- style chest, he didn’t hes­i­tate.

The ex- school cross­ing su­per­vi­sor sent £ 200 of postal or­ders to a PO Box ad­dress in Goole and within a week had a month’s sup­ply of his steroid- based won­der drug.

Stan, 54, told Sun­day Sport: “There was a lot of writ­ing on the boxes but it was all in Chi­nese, or some­thing. I saw a skull and cross­bones but I thought that must just be a logo.”

The one- time Scout vol­un­teer said: “I took one and noth­ing hap­pened, so I took an­other. Still noth­ing. I thought ‘ Oh bol­locks, I’ve been ripped off’.”

But the next morn­ing, Stan no­ticed some­thing when he woke up in his flat in Le­ices­ter.

He said: “My chest was a bit big­ger. And it was big­ger still, the next day.”

In fact, Stan’s chest grew and grew… and GREW.

Last night he wailed: “Af­ter three weeks, I re­alised I had women’s tits. They’re very nice women’s tits, yes. But they are women’s tits.

“I tried con­tact­ing the firm that sold them to me but their phone’s been cut off.

“Now my tits keep on grow­ing. What the hell will be­come of me?”

Dr Frank Yield of the Univer­sity of West Lan­cashire said: “You need to be a bit of a twat to take body­build­ing steroids in the first place.

“But buy­ing them from a PO Box in Goole. What a dick. He de­serves all he gets. Daft c** t.”

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