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STORM IN A D- CUP: Porn babe ‘ is fac­ing se­ri­ous dan­ger’ A VIDEO of “Don­ald Trump’s flabby white ass” is the only thing that’s pro­tect­ing porn su­per­star Stormy Daniels from AS­SAS­SI­NA­TION by shad­owy right- wing vig­i­lantes close to the ever- in­trigu­ing U. S. Pres­i­dent.

That’s the shock­ing analysis of for­mer CIA spook Hank P. Lim­burg, who says the busty star­let – who claims to have romped with the one- time prop­erty ty­coon in 2006 – must have “some cast- iron god­damned in­sur­ance”.

Hank, who freely ad­mits to con­duct­ing so- called “black ops” against both enemy and al­lied gov­ern­ments while work­ing for the spy agency in the 1990s, said: “In my day, if some broad came out of the wood­work claim­ing to have f** ked the Pres­i­dent, she would have been dealt with swiftly.

“The only rea­son Mon­ica Lewin­sky – the in­tern who claimed to have had an af­fair with for­mer U. S. Pres­i­dent Bill Clin­ton – is still alive is that we wanted to get that Com­mie f** k Clin­ton out of the god­damned White House.

“I’m guess­ing that this Stormy chick has some­thing on video and has said, ‘ any­thing hap­pens to me, this goes to the New York Times’.

“Maybe it’s a tape of the Pres­i­dent’s flabby white ass pound­ing away.

“Maybe it’s even bet­ter, like the pres­i­dent be­ing f** ked up the ass by this broad with a strap- on dildo.

“Hell, maybe she takes a shit in his mouth!

“What­ever it is, it’s bad, it can’t come out and it’s keep­ing Stormy Daniels alive. I’m al­most 90 per cent sure of it.”

Stormy, whose real name is Stephanie Clif­ford, last week told Vogue mag­a­zine that Pres­i­dent Trump lasted “about two min­utes. Maybe.”

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