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LAST week a bel­uga whale – in­stantly dubbed Benny – was spot­ted in the River Thames, thou­sands of miles away from its nor­mal Arc­tic habi­tat.

De­spite it be­ing lost, the RSPCA said it was hope­ful the mam­mal would sur­vive and find its way home.

Fol­low­ing the rare ar­rival, we thought we’d dig up 10 things you might not know about the mighty mon­sters of the deep... THE sperm whale’s head houses the heav­i­est brain in the an­i­mal king­dom, weigh­ing up to 9kg. The head also con­sists of a cav­ity large enough to park a car in. THE south­ern right whale has the largest tes­ti­cles of any species on the planet – each pair weigh­ing around a ton. BLUE whales are the world’s largest an­i­mal and the heart of it can be as big as a VW Beetle, with beats loud enough to be de­tected from two miles away. FINBACK whales piss the equiv­a­lent of three full bath­tubs, every sin­gle day. OR­CAS – also known as killer whales – have been known to kill sharks by head- butting them in the stom­ach from be­low, caus­ing them to ex­plode. THE blue whale has the largest pe­nis in the world at about eight feet long. are whales alive to­day who were born be­fore was writ­ten in 1851. SPERM whale vomit – which is known as am­ber­gris – is worth tens of thou­sands of pounds and is used in the pro­duc­tion of per­fume. A solid, waxy and flammable sub­stance, it smells of shit at first, but as it ages it takes on a sweet, earthy scent. EVERY dead whales that is found on a Bri­tish beach be­longs to the monar­chy. Rob Deav­ille, from the Zoo­log­i­cal So­ci­ety of Lon­don, said: “A king has the right to the head and a queen has the right to the tail.” AS the big­gest killer of whales in the world, Japan sells whale meat in food mar­kets. Ice­land, Nor­way, Green­land and Canada also sell whale meat in shops and su­per­mar­kets as a sta­ple of the Inuit diet.

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