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SEX AD­DICT Sarah Rawl­in­son is hooked on nookie and has SHAGGED more than 300 STRANGERS.

Ac­tress Jada Pin­kett- Smith, 47, golfer Tiger Woods, 42, and co­me­dian Rus­sell Brand, 43, have all re­vealed their bat­tles with sex ad­dic­tions.

And Sarah, 28, from Carlisle, has ex­clu­sively lifted the lid on her sky- high sex drive and her crav­ings for any form of shag­ging, declar­ing: “I’m a nympho and I’m proud of it!”

She says her once de­mure per­sona was trans­formed into a sex- crazed nympho when she went to univer­sity.

Sarah said she’s bonked around 300 strangers – both men and women – and doesn’t see her ram­pant romp­ing end­ing any time soon.

Sarah ex­clu­sively told the Sun­day Sport: “Some peo­ple are morn­ing peo­ple when it comes to sex, while oth­ers pre­fer it in the evening.

“With me, it’s every morn­ing, noon and night!

“I wasn’t al­ways sex- mad though. Be­lieve it or not, be­fore I hit my twen­ties I was quite re­served and had only slept with one bloke.

“My par­ents were al­ways quite strict and I was rarely al­lowed out.

“But that all changed when I went to uni – I had free­dom, there were tons of hot boys ev­ery­where I turned so there was no stop­ping me.


“I shagged more men than I had hot din­ners and lost count of the notches I’d racked up on my bed­post by the time I was in my sec­ond year.

“Now I’m hornier than ever and sex is al­ways on my brain. For­get hav­ing a cof­fee when I wake up first thing – I grab a dildo and get my­self off.

“But mak­ing my­self or­gasm only makes me hornier and by 10am, I’ll have my toys out again, plung­ing them into every hole I’ve got.”

While some doc­tors shun sex ad­dic­tion, oth­ers see it as a form of sub­stance abuse with ad­dicts re­quir­ing more than 30 days to “get sober”.

John Pitt, di­rec­tor of Askle­pion Toronto, a sex ther­apy clinic, said: “Peo­ple hooked on sex are fac­ing the same chal­lenges as those who abuse drugs, al­co­hol and gam­bling.

“It’s about try­ing to soothe or avoid emo­tional dy­nam­ics.”

How­ever, Sarah says she doesn’t want any help and in­stead spends her free time scour­ing dat­ing apps and night­clubs for “fresh meat”.

She said: “Through­out the day I’ll be con­stantly sex­ting with a num­ber of blokes on dat­ing apps.

“What peo­ple don’t un­der­stand is it’s quite stress­ful be­ing ad­dicted to sex – I’ve got to make sure there’s a steady stream of fresh meat!

“I have a hand­ful of ‘ friends with ben­e­fits’ who I have ca­sual on­go­ing re­la­tion­ships with, but I much pre­fer sex with strangers – it gives me an added thrill.

“The first time you meet some­one and start kiss­ing and touch­ing each other is so ex­cit­ing – every cock is dif­fer­ent.

“One night, I in­vited a lad I met on­line round to my house and told him to bring two of his mates for sex.

“I stripped naked and lay there as, one af­ter the other, they f** ked me silly and creamed all over me.

“On spe­cial oc­ca­sions I treat my­self to a new ex­pe­ri­ence – for my 21st, I shagged a woman. I knew her through univer­sity and one night I in­vited her round to my flat. “I knew she was a les­bian and af­ter a few drinks, I planted a snog on her.

“Soon, she was lap­ping at my pussy and I squirted all over her face.

“We fin­ished each other off by shar­ing a dou­ble- ended dildo that I’d bought ear­lier.” For her birthday next month Sarah is plan­ning a visit to a dog­ging site.

She said: “My doc­tor bangs on about my sex ad­dic­tion quite a lot, and how he thinks I should be ad­dress­ing it prop­erly.


“But I’m hav­ing a great time and I love shag­ging.

“I would go to a sex ad­dic­tion re­hab fa­cil­ity but it would be a waste of time be­cause I’d end up hav­ing sex with all the other ad­dicts there!

“I had a gang­bang with a bunch of blokes I brought home who were on a stag- do. I can’t even re­mem­ber how many of them there were.

“This year I’m go­ing to a huge dog­ging site in Carlisle and I’m go­ing to have a marathon ses­sion.

“There’s noth­ing sex­ier than a group of strangers spurt­ing for me and like my T- shirt says – I love cock!”

‘Just like my T-shirt says I love cock!’

NO PLANS TO CALM DOWN: Sarah is go­ing to dog­ging site for her birthday

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