Peo­ple found it so funny that we were hav­ing sex – in a grave­yard!

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FIRST BLOWJOB SA­VAN­NAH: I was a run­ner on a fash­ion shoot when I was 17 and I gave my first blowjob to one of the male mod­els.

I’d been giv­ing him the eye through­out the shoot and went to the show’s af­ter­party with him.

We were fool­ing around in an empty func­tion room next to the bar and he pushed my head down.

I didn’t like do­ing it re­ally, he had a big willy and it wouldn’t all go in my mouth.

He came af­ter about three min­utes and I swal­lowed be­cause I was told that’s what you should do. PHOEBE: I gave my first blowjob to my best friend’s boyfriend when I was 16.

It was my best pal’s birth­day and she’d had an ar­gu­ment with him and then passed out drunk.

I was re­ally steam­ing and I ended up giv­ing him a blowjob in the bed­room.

I didn’t like do­ing it be­cause I didn’t like the taste and when he came it was so salty it was ming­ing. I spat it ev­ery­where.

FIRST SHAG SA­VAN­NAH: I lost my vir­gin­ity in a pub­lic toi­let when I was 18. I’d been on a night out with my boyfriend, we were stum­bling up the road on the way home when we passed one of those plas­tic por­taloos.

We ran in, started kiss­ing and feel­ing each other and then ended up hav­ing sex. It lasted about an hour and I re­ally en­joyed it.

I didn’t feel any pain be­cause I was drunk and even ended up hav­ing sev­eral or­gasms.

It was a great way to lose my cherry. PHOEBE: My boyfriend and I lost our vir­gini­ties to each other when we were 17. We’d been go­ing out for a few months and ear­lier this year and he had a re­ally big willy, it must have been about 10 inches.

I was on a night out in a Reg­gae barin Lon­don, pulled this re­ally fit guy and went back to his place.

When he got un­dressed and we started fore­play, I couldn’t be­lieve it when it grew to its full length. I’d never seen any­thing like it!

The sex was raunchy but painful be­cause it was so big. Size isn’t im­por­tant if they know what they’re do­ing. FIRST BUM FUN SA­VAN­NAH: I tried anal for the first time in Jan­uary. I was hav­ing drunken sex with

FIRST TIME OUT­SIDE SA­VAN­NAH: I went to the Not­ting Hill Movie Night last year, it’s held in a grave­yard, and got re­ally drunk.

My boyfriend and I had the horn, so we dis­ap­peared off to a cor­ner of the grave­yard and started hav­ing sex.

It quickly be­came ap­par­ent that ev­ery­one could see what we were do­ing, but we didn’t care and car­ried on any­way.

Peo­ple found it funny, I think. I had a great time, it broke all the taboos do­ing it out­side and in a grave­yard. PHOEBE: I did it out­side for the first time this sum­mer when I had sex with

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