If I was the PM I’d have gone by now

But Mrs May can hang on

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Theresa May’s speech at Manch­ester this week was in­ter­rupted by her own cough­ing and by the ac­tions of a prankster (right) IF I was Theresa May, I would have packed it in by now.

She knew last week’s con­fer­ence speech was her chance to prove she has what it takes to be Prime Min­is­ter.

Mrs May wanted to tell us that she had more to of­fer than just over­see­ing Brexit - that she is de­ter­mined to make Bri­tain fairer, for ex­am­ple by help­ing peo­ple buy a home or find some­where to rent where the land­lord doesn’t rip them off.

And she wanted to show her party that she was ca­pa­ble of ex­plain­ing all this to vot­ers.

But wrong.

A so-called c o m e d i a n waved a piece of pa­per in front of her. The Prime Min­is­ter had been handed her P45.

Her words were punc­tu­ated by ugly cough­ing fits.

Fi­nally, let­ters fell off the dis­play be­hind her, the care­fully-de­signed Con­ser­va­tive Party con­fer­ence back­drop lit­er­ally fall­ing to pieces as she spoke.

None of it was her fault. Still, if I was her I’d have got on the next plane to some­where hot - or at least gone down the pub - and al­lowed some­one else to run the coun­try.

It’s not just Mrs May who takes hu­mil­i­a­tion in her stride. Many of us would quit if our col­leagues stated pub­licly that we weren’t up to the job, as Labour MPs did with it went Jeremy Cor­byn last year. But he sol­diered on.

Mr Cor­byn, of course, made some­thing of a come­back, win­ning a sec­ond Labour lead­er­ship con­test and los­ing the gen­eral elec­tion less badly than ex­pected - some­thing his sup­port­ers have spun into a tri­umph.

Could Mrs May also bounce back?

It’s clear she wants to stay, on at least un­til Brexit takes place in March 2019.

And she’s said she could lead the Tories into the next gen­eral elec­tion. Maybe she means it. But her party doesn’t want more elec­tions with Mrs May at the helm. They tried it once and it was a dis­as­ter.

Some Tory crit­ics say that the sooner she goes, the sooner the Con­ser­va­tive Party can start fix­ing its prob­lems.

But don’t un­der­es­ti­mate the ner­vous­ness of the archBrex­i­teers. They be­lieve there are peo­ple who would like to stop Brexit hap­pen­ing.

Mrs May cam­paigned for “re­main” in the EU ref­er­en­dum, but she’s staked her rep­u­ta­tion on ac­cept­ing the re­sult and get­ting us out of the EU.

Brex­i­teers be­lieve Mrs May is go­ing to make their dreams come true at last. And they see at­tempts to re­move her as a threat to Brexit.

So they’re back­ing her - at least, for now.

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