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WHEN the Rod Stewart looka­like head of Pim­lico Plum­bers says you’ve got to go then surely tonight’s the night to do so.

Char­lie Mullins is the quin­tes­sen­tial ‘work­ing class’ lad-made-good, much loved by the Tories as proof of their be­lief peo­ple can be cured of be­ing Labour.

The cure is usu­ally a cash en­ema to flush out all sense of com­mu­nity and be­fore you know it you’re turn­ing up at Tory party con­fer­ences like an in­ter­view wait­ing to hap­pen.

Mullins has done well for him­self so he can af­ford to throw a fair few quid into the Tory cof­fers which gives him a plat­form to voice his opin­ions.

And th­ese days he seems to be the go-to guy for back­ground quotes on the plight of Theresa May and the state of the Tory party.

Speak­ing af­ter May’s multi-car pile up of a con­fer­ence speech last week he said she should stand down be­cause she is be­ing bul­lied and un­der­mined by Boris John­son, which was a bit cart be­fore horse for me, but there you go.

Any­way in truth, her speech did

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