Mys­tery toxin takes the lives of beloved pets


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TWO dog own­ers have told of their dev­as­ta­tion af­ter their beloved pets died from sus­pected poi­son­ing.

Sarah Meyer’s nine-month-old cock­apoo, Luna, died at the end of Au­gust af­ter she fell ill, while Laura Fi­dler’s bi­chon frise, Arnie, died on Septem­ber 7.

Arnie’s sis­ter Daisy also fell sick but is now re­cov­er­ing.

It is thought all three dogs had poi­son in their blood­stream. It is not known how or where they may have picked up the tox­ins.

Now their own­ers are urg­ing oth­ers to be aware of po­ten­tial poi­son­ing symp­toms and how quickly dogs can be af­fected.

Sarah, of Whit­ley Bay, ex­plained that she and her fi­ancé had taken Luna and an­other pet dog Sonny for a walk on Au­gust 19.

They went to the beach at Whit­ley Bay, where the pets played to­gether and also went in the sea be­fore walk­ing to­wards the light­house and on to Seaton Sluice across the bank tops.

That night, both pets “slept like ba­bies” and showed no signs of ill­ness.

How­ever the next day, Luna started suf­fer­ing with sick­ness and di­ar­rhoea.

Sarah, 42, said: “Lots of dogs get di­ar­rhoea and sick­ness so we did what is ad­vised, which was to starve Luna for 24 hours. We thought this had worked as the next evening she picked up and ate her tea and drank some wa­ter.”

But on the third day, Luna was vom­it­ing and had di­ar­rhoea again. “Her vomit was not nor­mal; it was clear with some white froth,” said Sarah. “There was no food or bile in it.

“She be­came lethar­gic and was not re­spond­ing to her name. She would look at me with her eyes but with her head turned away.

“She drank some wa­ter but im­me­di­ately it came back up. “I rushed her to the vet.” It was ini­tially sus­pected Luna had a block­age in her di­ges­tive sys­tem.

She was put on a drip and a num­ber of tests were car­ried out. How­ever, no block­age could be seen.

The fam­ily were al­lowed to take Luna home, with an ap­point­ment to re­turn in the morn­ing to check her progress. That evening her con­di­tion de­te­ri­o­rated and she died in the early hours.

Sarah says it is not known ex­actly what hap­pened and all Luna’s tests came back clear.

But the vet sus­pected toxic poi­son­ing. It was sug­gested the pet may have eaten some­thing that was toxic and that poi­soned her blood­stream. Sarah said: “Noth­ing could have ever pre­pared me for that aw­ful morn­ing when I found our baby girl sleep­ing.

“It was just heart­break­ing. I can’t de­scribe how I’m feel­ing other than say­ing I’m com­pletely bro­ken. It was one of the worst ex­pe­ri­ences I have had to go through.

“Luna was full of fun, mis­chief and love, and we are dev­as­tated to lose her.”

Mean­while, Laura, of Wallsend, suf­fered the loss of four-year-old Arnie.

The dog had not met Luna and was usu­ally walked around Wallsend, in places in­clud­ing the Wallsend Parks.

He also had sick­ness and di­ar­rhoea, and be­came dis­ori­en­tated be­fore he died.

Laura, 22, said: “I was told that Arnie had toxic poi­son­ing. There were tox­ins in his blood­stream.

“We can’t say where he might have picked it up. It could have been any­where. But his sis­ter Daisy also started to get sick. She had tests and they found tox­ins in her kid­neys. “She is cur­rently on an­tibi­otics.” Both women urged pet own­ers to re­main vig­i­lant and ad­vised them to get help as quickly as pos­si­ble if their dogs fall ill.

Sarah said: “Don’t just pre­sume sick­ness and di­ar­rhoea.

“You know your dog bet­ter than any­one. If your dog is not well, if you have a tiny inkling that some­thing is not right, please just go to the vet.

“There may be a bet­ter chance of sur­vival if your dog is treated early.

“I would hate for any­body else to go through what I went through.”

And Laura added: “We hope that by telling our sto­ries, it will help oth­ers.” it’s Laura Fi­dler’s dog Arnie and Sarah Meyer with Luna, who met the same fate as Arnie

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