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STORY: Driv­ers are warned not to leave keys in cars while de­frost­ing this win­ter.

Dale Col­lis: “Just throw hot wa­ter out of the ket­tle onto your wind­screen!

“Vi­ola! in­stant de­frost­ing and no need to wait for the car to warm up.”

Al­lan Mcmanus: “Fill two plas­tic bot­tles with hot wa­ter, leave them on ya dash for 5-10 mins then the heat will make it eas­ier to scrape the ice off.”

Danny Mcder­mott: “I put luke warm wa­ter on my wind­screens never failed me.”

Neil M Robin­son: “Or, buy a car with a heated wind­screen.” Lee Pat­ter­son: “And mo­rons are re­minded to breathe.” Keith Cubby: “Warm wa­ter does the trick.” Phil Cow­ley: “Heated wind­screen.” Dan Wilde: “Don’t be an id­iot alert.” Tony Lil­ley: “So is next win­ter ok?”

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