Is work wreck­ing your so­cial life? You’re not alone

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All work and no play might make Jack a dull boy – but new re­search has re­vealed that work­place pres­sure is eat­ing away­a­tour­so­cial­lives,with­one inthree(35per­cent)UKpro­fes­sion­alsmissin­ganaver­a­geof26 so­cialevent­sev­eryyear­be­cause of work com­mit­ments.

Th­es­tudy­byCABA,achar­ity which sup­ports char­tered ac­coun­tants’ well­be­ing, sur­veyed 2000 UK work­ing adults, and ex­posed how UK work­ers are los­ing out on a healthy work­life bal­ance.

Kelly Fee­han, Ser­vices Di­rec­tor for CABA ex­plains more: “There’s an in­creased de­mand on­to­day’s‘al­wayson’work­place cul­ture;it’sno­longer­justa­place where em­ploy­ees turn up, do a job and go home.”

So whether it’s a wed­ding, birth­day­party,datenightor­just an af­ter-work visit to the gym, work­ers ap­pear to be los­ing out be­cause­of­work­pla­ce­pres­sure.

Kelly adds: “Shock­ingly, 68 per cent of em­ploy­ees ad­mit to check­ing their work emails while on leave and even when they’re­off­sick,show­ingth­e­be­liefthaty­ouneed­to­be­con­nected to the of­fice 24/7.

“Thisshould­not­bethe­case. This ex­pec­ta­tion needs erad­i­catingifwe’re­to­have­hap­pyand pro­duc­tive em­ploy­ees.”

Neg­a­tive feel­ings towards a work­place­o­rem­ployer­be­cause of­ef­fect­son­well­bein­garen’tunusual either – more than onethird (35 per cent) of em­ploy­ees ad­mit­te­dreg­u­lar­ly­con­sid­er­ing leav­ing their job or hand­ing in their no­tice.

How­ever, it’s not just be­cause of a 24/7 work­place cul­ture – 34 per cent of em­ploy­ees ad­mit­ted that not be­ing paid enough (nine per cent) and limited ca­reer devel­op­ment (eight per cent) are the big­gest rea­sons for work­ers dis­lik­ing their em­ploy­ers.

The re­search also found more than a quar­ter (27 per cent) of em­ploy­ees ad­mit­ted it takes longer to com­plete tasks be­cause of the in­abil­ity to con­cen­trate, and 18 per cent cry at least once ev­ery fort­night.

Kelly adds:“While work­place stress may orig­i­nate on the job, it even­tu­ally ex­tends to ev­ery as­pect of an em­ployee’s life, af­fect­ing ev­ery­thing from their­per­son­al­re­la­tion­stotheir fi­nances and health.

“Our lives no longer have a clear sep­a­ra­tion be­tween work and home, which is why busi­nesses need to as­sess the well­be­ing and men­tal health struc­tures they have in place to con­tinue at­tract­ing and re­tain­ing the best tal­ent.”

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