Sunderland Echo - - Puzzle Challenge -

1. What name was given to pride, greed, lust, envy, glut­tony, anger and sloth?

2. On which moun­tain did Moses re­ceive the Ten Com­mand­ments?

3. Which an­i­mal is also known as a prairie wolf?

4. What part of the body is most com­monly af­fected by gout?

5. Which British comic ac­tor starred in most of the Pink Pan­ther films?

6. What is the sec­ond largest of the Chan­nel Is­lands?

7. How many points is the pink ball worth in snooker?

8. Which Swiss hero shot an ap­ple from his son's head?

9. Of which US state is Prov­i­dence the cap­i­tal?

10. Which Asian coun­try was di­vided along the 17th par­al­lel in 1954?

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