Sting­ing Net­tle Ur­tica dioica

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The com­mon sting­ing net­tle is a wild veg­etable with a flavour sim­i­lar to spinach. It’s ideal for sal­ads, roasts, soups, pas­tas, omelettes, savoury pies and breads. It adds a rich tex­ture to green smooth­ies and snack bars, and can also be used in sweet dishes such as pan­cakes. Be­sides the de­li­cious taste, net­tle has a long medic­i­nal his­tory. In me­dieval Europe, it was used as a di­uretic and to treat joint pain, anaemia and eczema. The an­cient Ro­mans con­sid­ered net­tle seeds as a po­tent aphro­disiac and used them to make love po­tions. Net­tle is packed with vi­ta­mins A, C,E and K, and iron, potas­sium, man­ganese and cal­cium.

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