Shine bright, Tread light, Take flight!

Long­board­ing is not just a style; it’s a love, a vo­ca­tion, an ob­ses­sion. Ded­i­cated to the art of grace and rooted in tra­di­tion, it is an el­e­gant form of wave rid­ing and a pur­suit of the pure and sim­ple – clean lines, œuid ges­tures. Glide and slide; skim

Surf Girl - - – Longboarding – - Lets talk: Long­board­ing pro­gres­sion. Words by Nat Fox.

If you long­board it’s most likely not just be­cause you like to catch lots of waves whilst rid­ing a big­ger, more sta­ble and highly buoy­ant board (al­though that’s cool too, and quite sen­si­ble if you live some­where like Eng­land), but be­cause you love to feel the heav­enly sen­sa­tions of flow and flight.

To be perched at the nose of a 9-foot board is some­thing I have dreamed of for many years. But just like all dreams, it’s not magic that makes it so, but hard work and de­ter­mi­na­tion.

I’ve ded­i­cated this year to surf­ing a lot. I’ve honed in on what ex­actly it is that I love about surf­ing and de­cided it’s rid­ing a heavy, colour­ful board, in long, peel­ing waves. And be­cause be­ing able to do cer­tain things on my long­board helps me as­sess how far

I’ve come, which also brings me joy, I’ve added a lit­tle bit of spice to my in­her­ently chilled ap­proach to long­board­ing. I’ve cho­sen to fo­cus on some pre­cise skills, tricks and tech­niques, which should help me boost my level of long­board­ing and also en­cour­age me to progress as a coach – in turn help­ing oth­ers to im­prove too.

Pro­gress­ing in long­board­ing is not some­thing that just hap­pens. It re­quires log­ging many hours on your log and truly com­mit­ting to ac­com­plish­ing spe­cific moves, step by step.

I’ve rid­den long­boards for 10 years now and am only just start­ing to feel the dif­fer­ence when it comes to shapes, di­men­sions and fin set up – but ex­per­i­ment­ing with dif­fer­ent as­pects and ar­eas def­i­nitely helps open your mind to new op­tions. Surf­ing it­self has evolved, at­ti­tudes have changed, trends have come and gone, new ideas are emerg­ing; how­ever, it seems the in­te­gral thing about long­board­ing, the one thing that hasn’t changed, is that you can ex­press your­self freely!

Thanks to Belinda Baggs, Kas­sia Meador,

Kelia Moniz, Leah Daw­son and the Sea Babes of the long­board­ing world, the rest of the planet has em­braced their grace­ful, fem­i­nine dance and be­gun to truly honour the poised, yet fierce ap­proach fe­male long­board­ers are renowned for. How­ever,

I’m quite sure th­ese ladies, and all the other fe­male long­board­ers out there, are not look­ing for at­ten­tion, for ac­cep­tance, or even for recog­ni­tion – they, we, just want to be our­selves, to do what we love sim­ply for the love of it. Its chal­leng­ing, it’s serene, it’s in­tri­cate and it’s about free­dom to cre­ate what­ever we feel like in that mo­ment, tak­ing cues from Mother Na­ture and fol­low­ing our hearts.

Once you’re a long­boarder the op­por­tu­ni­ties to shine are end­less, you can find your own style and evolve how­ever and whichever way your destiny AND your choices take you.

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