S„o what are some im­por­tant step­ping­stones on e long­board­ing pa way?

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Find an ex­pert shaper that you trust, who knows and un­der­stands your style and vi­sion, and who can cre­ate ex­actly what you need and want. In­vest in beau­ti­ful art­work and ac­quire a board that will il­lu­mi­nate your surf­ing. If you ride a board you love you will per­form to the best of your abil­ity. You’ll do your best to re­spect your ves­sel, to hone your ta­lent aboard your craft and will try your hard­est to do it jus­tice in the waves.


There is noth­ing like the free­dom to move your limbs and to float to your feet freely with­out the restric­tion of 3-5mm of neo­prene. I love wet­suits and feel a lit­tle bit naked with­out them, but boy can I flex and frolic at lot more when I’m bikini clad. Plus you can clock up some se­ri­ous, lengthy surf ses­sions with­out the prom­ise of the on­set of hy­pother­mia af­ter 3 hours – just re­mem­ber to zinc up and drink vast amounts of H2O.

STICK TO ONE WAVE AND SURF IT IM­PEC­CA­BLY – PREFER­ABLY A POINTBREAK What do most of the world’s most stylish long board­ers have in com­mon? They grew up surf­ing point breaks, have some of the long­est, peachi­est waves on their doorstep that they have ut­terly di­alled, and sim­ply dom­i­nate on their home breaks. WATCH YOUR­SELF ON VIDEO AND/OR GET PHO­TOS TAKEN

Ok, so you’re catch­ing waves, you’re do­ing your thang, but what ex­actly do you look like? Check out the re­al­ity of the sit­u­a­tion, rather than the im­age in your mind of what you think you look like. Some­times it’s not pretty, so get over the burst­ing of the egos bub­ble, and re­alise the first step to change is be­com­ing aware. Now you know you have rap­tor arms or rest­ing bitch face you can at­tempt to cor­rect that faux pas and move swiftly for­ward.


Don’t get stuck! To flour­ish and grow means try­ing new things, it means tak­ing that leap of faith and at­tempt­ing ac­tions that are out of your com­fort zone, even if it means you might fall. What’s the worst that could hap­pen? Yup, you could fall… but hey, you could also fly!

It’s way harder to con­cen­trate on surf­ing when you’re deal­ing with a bar­rage of emo­tions like ir­ri­ta­tion and in­fu­ri­a­tion.

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