Up-cy­cle your old fins

Tired of your plain old fins, turn them into works of art with Becky Starsmore

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We’ve all got those plain old stock fins knock­ing around, that look a bit dull when put in our surf­boards but fear not surfer girls, we’ve teamed up with the amaz­ing ocean in­spired artist that is Becky Starsmore to show you how you can turn your dull bor­ing fins in to fresh works of art!

Step One:

Wear­ing a face mask, lightly sand your fins with a fine grade sand­pa­per and wipe with a dry mi­crofi­bre cloth. This will en­sure fins are clean, and will give a slightly rough sur­face for the paint to stick to.

Step Two:

Spray paint your fins with your cho­sen base colour. Use a spray paint suit­able for plas­tics, and build up thin coats al­low­ing each layer to dry un­til you have a good colour base. Its best to do this in the gar­den to give good ven­ti­la­tion and avoid ru­in­ing your fur­ni­ture.

Step Three:

Lightly sketch out your de­sign in pen­cil. For an easy man­dala de­sign, use a com­pass to draw a se­ries of cir­cles, then cut out flower petal shapes from folded pa­per, and use as them a sten­cil to build up a sym­met­ri­cal man­dala de­sign.

Step Four:

Colour your de­sign us­ing paint pens, al­low­ing each sec­tion to dry be­fore go­ing in with a new colour.

Step Five:

You can ei­ther mount your fin­ished fins in a frame, or seal with a few coats of clear acrylic spray lac­quer and put them back on your board. The lac­quer will en­sure your de­sign stays put in the surf.

Becky Starsmore

@beck­ys­tarsmore on In­sta­gram

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