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When pad­dling out your long­board you need to start by tack­ling some small waves that don’t have much power. The pushover is where you’re pad­dling out and the wave goes be­tween you and your board.

Pad­dle straight to­wards the wave to gain speed, which is im­por­tant to gain the mo­men­tum to get over the wave and not get pushed back to­wards the beach.

As the wave ap­proaches lift up your up­per body over your hands, which should be over the rails, and keep your head up.

If the wave is small lift up from your knees. If the wave is a lit­tle bit big­ger, lift up from your toes (sim­i­lar to a plank).

As the wave ap­proaches let the white wa­ter go in be­tween your body and board. Make sure you’re fac­ing the wave straight on.

Once the wave is be­hind you con­tinue pad­dling so that you can get past the next one.

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