Tur­tle roll

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When the waves get big­ger and stronger you’re go­ing to find the sim­ple push-over isn’t go­ing to work ef­fec­tively any­more. A good way to judge is that if the white­wa­ter is big­ger than your arm length, it’s time to tur­tle roll. This is where you turn your board up­side down (so the rocker is fac­ing down) so the wave rolls over the top of your board, then flip it back around af­ter the wave is be­hind you.

Pad­dle fast up to the wave.

At about 6ft be­fore the wave reaches you, grab the rails just in front of your head on the top third of the board.

Sink the left or right hand side of the board and flip it up­side down.

Make sure the board is flush with the wa­ter, es­pe­cially that the nose isn’t out the wa­ter so it can’t catch it.

When up­side down, your po­si­tion should be held with your el­bows bent and sup­ple to take on the wob­ble of the white wa­ter, and your legs hang down nat­u­rally.

It’s a bit tur­bu­lent, then you feel the wave pass over you.

When the tur­bu­lence feels like it’s fin­ished, flip your board over and you’re by the side of your board.

Climb back on your board.

Con­tinue pad­dling to get speed up for the next wave.

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