Do you feel ready to take your surf­ing to thae next level and start drop­ping in on green waves? Well, it’s about time you made the break out back – here’s some tips on how to drop in on green waves.

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One of the main rea­sons you won’t get a green wave is be­cause you haven’t pad­dled enough. When I am in the wa­ter coach­ing I am of­ten heard shout­ing, “PAD­DLE!” to my stu­dents. This is the fun­da­men­tal skill you need to en­sure you get on the wave in time. Start early enough and when the wave gets closer to you be­gin to speed up your pad­dles. As a gen­eral rule, if you feel like you’ve pad­dled enough, do two or three more strokes to re­ally make sure you’re on the wave. It’s so frus­trat­ing when you don’t do enough pad­dles and the wave ei­ther passes you by, or you end up pop­ping on top of the wave. Pad­dle power is key – so use those arms and pad­dle your heart out.


Avoid look­ing down to the bot­tom of the wave. If you’re a lit­tle ner­vous the wave height may put you off and then you may end up pulling off the back. Fo­cus your eyes on the part of the wave you want to project onto, look down the face, and keep your eyes fo­cused on this whilst pop­ping up. This will take a bit of prac­tise, and there may be times where you don’t get to your feet – but prac­tise makes per­fect.


Keep low when you get to your feet, and avoid the temp­ta­tion to stand up­right. Keep­ing low will help main­tain your bal­ance whilst drop­ping down the face. Bend your knees, re­lease your arms from the board and bring them up slightly. Whilst drop­ping down this is when you set your line, whether you want to go out onto the face or be­gin a bot­tom turn will de­pend on what the wave is do­ing.

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