Star in the pic­ture as me­teor shower blazes trail over skies

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HIS in­cred­i­ble pic­ture shows a shoot­ing star in the skies above Tame­side.

Gareth Stone, 25, cap­tured the im­age as he sat in his gar­den in Ash­ton at around 5.45am last Fri­day morn­ing.

Ware­house op­er­a­tive Gareth first thought the jet of light, be­lieved to be a me­teor, was a plane un­til he looked closer and picked up his cam­era.

Shoot­ing stars oc­cur when a me­te­oroid can be seen en­ter­ing the earth’s at­mos­phere, be­com­ing a me­teor.

He said: “I was sat in the gar­den and I just spot­ted it. Ob­vi­ously the weather be­ing as it was helped as the skies were re­ally clear.

“I thought it was a plane at first but then as it car­ried on trav­el­ling I saw it was leav­ing no trail be­hind it so it couldn’t have been.

“Then I re­mem­bered read­ing that there would be me­teor showers vis­i­ble this week.

“It was pretty spec­tac­u­lar – re­ally vivid and bright. I wasn’t ac­tively wait­ing for it. But to see some­thing like this is amaz­ing.”

Our sis­ter pa­per, the M.E.N. re­ported last week that up to 20 shoot­ing stars an hour would be vis­i­ble in the skies as a Lyrid me­teor shower reached its peak.

The an­nual Lyrids shower oc­curs as the earth passes through the dust left over from comet C/186 G1 Thatcher, which makes a full or­bit of the sun once ev­ery 415 years.

The de­bris left in the trail burns up as it en­ters the Earth’s at­mos­phere which cre­ates the trail which can be seen streak­ing across the night sky.

●● Gareth Stone took this pic­ture of a shoot­ing star above Ash­ton

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