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RHA im­pressed us with its bud­get MA450i head­phones that punched above their weight for sound qual­ity. The MA750is are al­most twice the price, tak­ing RHA well out of bud­get ter­ri­tory, but again you get a lot for your money.

You can feel the qual­ity the in­stant you un­wrap the thick, heavy­weight 1.35m ca­ble from its home in the box. The stain­less steel driver hous­ing is sim­i­larly strong and heavy, plus the gold-plated 3.5mm con­nec­tor has a spring to help pre­vent ca­ble dam­age.

The driv­ers are hand­made, say RHA, and there’s no doubt­ing the stylish, pur­pose­ful de­sign. We’d far rather be seen with the MA750i than some of gar­ish cans out there.

In the box, you get a me­tal holder and zip case for the 10 pairs of tips. This is a lot more than you usu­ally see, and should en­sure you can get the ideal fit for your ears. Most are sil­i­cone, but there are two pairs of mem­ory foam tips, so you’ll have to try them to see which suits you best.

Like some high-end head­phones, the MA750is have moulded ca­bles that are shaped to be looped over the top of your ears to help pre­vent the ex­tra weight pulling the tips out. Some peo­ple find this fid­dly and less com­fort­able than stan­dard in-ear head­phones, so it’s some­thing to con­sider be­fore buy­ing. We quickly got used to it, but note that the slider to keep the wires to­gether can only go up as far as the bot­tom of the re­mote con­trol, so you can’t hold the wires in place be­hind your head as with Shure’s. Not that you’re likely to be us­ing the MA750i live on stage, but it’s worth know­ing.

As with a new pair of shoes, you have to use the MA750i for a while to get used to them. For ex­am­ple, bass is de­pen­dent on us­ing tips that are a snug fit for your ears. This ap­plies to most in-ear head­phones, but it’s es­pe­cially no­tice­able with these. Un­less there’s a good seal, you won’t hear any bass.

But even with the best-fit­ting tips, bass isn’t that pow­er­ful. It’s clear and well-de­fined, but if you’re af­ter the kind of punch you get with Beats, you’re cer­tainly look­ing in the wrong place.

The­ses head­phones are all about flat re­sponse, so no fre­quency over­pow­ers any other. Be­cause of this, sound qual­ity is fairly neu­tral, and that’s ex­actly what you want if you’re af­ter ref­er­ence sound on a bud­get.


We like the MA750i, which are well made and of­fer great clar­ity. We’d pre­fer more bass, but that would go against the nat­u­ral sound re­pro­duc­tion that RHA has striven for with these head­phones.

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