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We were in awe of the Power Note’s pre­mium alu­minium al­loy de­sign, with its unique binder holes along one edge of the ul­tra-slim power bank used to ef­fort­lessly se­cure it into a ring­binder, and its handy builtin Mi­cro-USB ca­ble (see above). The Power Blade fea­tures those same binder holes along its left edge, and while it lacks the built-in ca­ble you do get a felt case for pro­tect­ing it on the road. A handy front pocket lets you also carry the supplied Mi­cro-USB ca­ble, along with a pair of head­phones or what­ever you like.

The Power Note is slim at just 7mm, but Emie claims the Power Blade is the slimmest power bank in the world at just 5.2mm. It’s a lit­tle larger than the Note, given the in­creased ca­pac­ity avail­able, but it’s re­mark­able how Emie has achieved such a thin-and-light de­sign.

To con­nect a USB ca­ble, you must first push for­ward the top edge of the USB out­put to slide out the me­tal casing and en­large the port. Both USB out­puts are spec­i­fied at 10.5W (5V, 2.1A) for fast charg­ing of your con­nected de­vices, and the Power Blade of­fers adap­tive charg­ing with one port op­ti­mised for iOS de­vices and the other for An­droid and other de­vices.

With 8000mAh on of­fer, and an av­er­age ef­fi­ciency rate of 70 per­cent for most power banks, ex­pect to find at least 5600mAh avail­able for charg­ing your phone or tablet. That would pro­vide our Sam­sung Gal­axy S6 (2550mAh bat­tery) two full charges with some power to spare.

Four LEDs are ac­ti­vated at the press of the small power but­ton to show you how much juice re­mains. When the power bank is empty, the Emie can re­fill its own bat­tery at 10W (5V, 2A), given a com­pat­i­ble charger (you can use which­ever adap­tor came with your phone or tablet). We found the Power Blade was able to si­mul­ta­ne­ously charge it­self and a con­nected de­vice.

In passthrough charg­ing mode, we needed to press the power but­ton to be­gin charg­ing our S6, but when the Emie was not con­nected to the mains, it was a case of plug­ging in the de­vice and the Power Blade sprang into ac­tion. How­ever, while there is auto-on, there is no auto-off. You’ll need to un­plug your phone or tablet once charg­ing has fin­ished to en­sure no power is wasted. This small power but­ton can also be held down for three sec­onds to put the Emie into adap­tive charg­ing mode.


The Power Blade is ex­pen­sive for an 8000mAh power bank, but we think it’s worth the out­lay with a unique thin-and-light de­sign, dual-out­put adap­tive charg­ing and high-end fea­tures such as passthrough charg­ing.

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